Saturday, June 15, 2013

Operation PRISM - Do we need a cyber border?

Lately, there started news about operation PRISM everywhere and I find everyone discussing the buzz word in my day to day routine. I do not see any thing serious about this operation since the agenda used to be discussed in a closed group years ago and didn't come as a surprise when the information got leaked officially.

Nearly a decade ago, it was a time when both democratic and dictatorial form of governments used to be concerned about citizens, their opinion and understood their power of bringing any change to the system. But in today's time, I think governments across the world are more concerned about privacy of its citizens in the name of terrorism and national security.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Critical Information Infrastructure - Next in Hacktivism!

Hacktivism has gained considerable popularity and dominance both in the internet and society. Lately, “anonymous” hacking group added more popularity to this word, “hacktivism”, by launching series of cyber attacks against various governments worldwide compromising and publicly disclosing the classified data. Government officials recognize hacktivism as a form of cyber terrorism but many call it a non-violent way of protest, no blood, no tear gas while protesting against weak government policies.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cyber Command Center - Honeypots or the Underground Honey?

After the USA established its cyber command center (USCYBERCOM) to counter cyber-attacks and protect its cyber space, it became the next project for most of the governments across the world. Russia and South Korea lately announced to have their own cyber command center and many other countries are also pursuing the project. Both the cyber offensive and defensive operations are vital part of cyber command center. At many instances, teams engaged in offensive and defensive operations are required to work together and share the intelligence to carry out joint operations.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Cyber Warfare - "Return on Investment"

Most of the CIOs talk about ROI ("Return On Investment") before initiating any project for their organization. Risk vs Mitigation cost metrics helps them deriving the ROSI ("Return On Security Investment") in a simplest form and the calculation can be made more complex and accurate by adding more parameters to the metrics, often single dimensional. The ROI is often calculated for each information security project that is floated out from the private sector or government departments.

Information security projects are meant to safeguard CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) of owned information assets and it is much straight forward to calculate and justify the ROI at early stages of such projects with great level of accuracy.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chinese Hackers or Cyber Monarchs!

It’s high time to learn that the last cyber espionage or attack came from China and I wonder why it’s always China? Are Chinese so smart, well organized, funded, equipped Or most of the intelligence agencies from across the world just believe into it for the sake of it? Being a security professional, I never trust media briefings or expert views, just like most of the others like me “don’t”. My point of view on cyber warfare might be pretty different than fellas, but my belief into it doesn’t disappoint me often. Be it terrorism or cyber terrorism I always commend the strategy originating from one of the countries, I know you know which country and I feel sorry when I sound so bitter but the truth ain’t sweet either. I met a few intel folks from across the world and the discussion on a cyber attack originating from Russia is mostly considered to be a proxied attack but China is always a scapegoat by default.
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